9 April 2011


There is a new Swamp81 EP coming out and it's the Boddika one...finally! Boddika has fast become a big name and there seems to be no sign of him slowing down. He is making some really original music and i can safely say that i am a massive fan. Here is the tracklist:

2727 by Boddika aka.Instra:mental

Sometimes by Boddika aka.Instra:mental

Soul What by Boddika aka.Instra:mental

Rubba by Boddika aka.Instra:mental

Instra:Mental are among my favourite producers of all time, everything they do is just amazing and now the other half has gone solo too.
Jon Convex aka Damon Drama has started his own alias and recently uploaded some music to his Soundcloud. These are the main ones i am feeling:

Falling Again - 3024 - [Clip] by Jon Convex

Radar - Nonplus - [Clip] by Jon Convex

5 April 2011


Really been feeling Kingdom since his first Night Slugs release. His tunes have a poppy feel to them (Beyonce vocals) but are still really dark.

Not sure if there is, but really hoping an album is in the making. These 2 are nice too.

If you wanna hear more then download his XLR8R mix: http://www.xlr8r.com/podcast/2011/03/kingdom

01 Jacques Greene "Tell Me (Kingdom Edit)" (LuckyMe)
02 Kingdom "SFX"
03 Kingdom "Los Poderes (Edit ft. Floetry)" (Dutty Artz)
04 Kingdom "Stalker Ha" (Night Slugs)
05 Kingdom "Uptown Buck" (Scion/Trouble&Bass)
06 Jam City "Aqua Box" (Night Slugs)
07 Katy B "Lights On (Girl Unit Remix)" (Rinse)
08 Kingdom "Okay To Dance" (Fool's Gold)
09 MikeQ & Angel X "Let It All Out 2011" (Qween Beat)
10 Nguzunguzu "Timesup" (Fade to Mind)
11 Kingdom "Stadium Pass" (Enchufada)
12 Bok Bok "Silo Pass" (Night Slugs)
13 DJ Cabos x Kingdom "Snapduro + Appetite Edit"
14 Kid Ink "Keep It Rollin"
15 Kingdom "If You Buck"
16 Win Win "Interleave (Kingdom Remix)" (Vice)
17 Total Freedom "YB Voice Song"
18 DJ Exota Vs. DJ Vali "Pu**yf**ker (Kingdom Edit)" (Unreleased)
19 Jim Jones / Automatik "Go Cinderella (Kingdom Edit)" (Diplomats)
20 Ciara x Girl Unit "Ride + Every Time (Kingdom Blend)" (Night Slugs)

2 April 2011

Wrong vinyl...

So basically i started DJ about 2 and a half years ago, i started off using vinyl but 6 months ago moved to Traktor Scratch Pro due to the fact that i could no longer afford to keep up with paying for the latest 12" and because so much music kept getting given away as 320's and not getting full releases. I am very happy with Traktor but i still buy the occasional vinyl when it's a 'vinyl release only label'.

Anyway, i bought these 4 pieces of wax: Boddika - Electron / Underground, Addison Groove - Work It / Sexual, Burial - Street Halo EP and S-X - Woo Riddim / (DJ Q Remix), and got them through the post yesterday. I was very happy with them all expect i thought i had bought S-X vs. Ramadanman - Woo Glut, i didn't release that i had bought the wrong one until i listened to it. I don't really know how i made this mistake but i am not too bothered to be honest as the (DJ Q Remix) is pretty sick and the original is a big tune too, now i just have them on vinyl.

30 March 2011

Addison Groove - Live at Good Life, Boston

Here is a mix from Mr. Addison Groove. Really nice mix with a lot of big tunes. I also attempted at a tracklist, there is a few gaps but if you can fill them in then let me know.


Goapele - Milk and Honey (Joy Orbison Refix) [Dub]
Ben Westbeech - Falling (Dark Sky Remix) [Strictly Rythm]
Boddika? - ?? [Dub]
?? - ?? [Dub]
Addison Groove - Work It [Swamp81]
?? - ?? [Dub]
Hardrive - Deep Inside (Pearson Sound Refix) [Night Slugs]
Kryptic Minds - Can't Sleep Feat. Alys Be (?? Remix) [Dub]
Joy Orbison - Sicko Cell [Swamp81]
?? - ??
?? - ??
Addison Groove - Footcrab Pt. 3 (Footcrab Stomp) [Dub]
Mosca - Square One VIP [Night Slugs]
M.I.A. - It Takes a Muscle (Pearson Sound Remix) [XL Recordings]
?? - ?? [Dub]
Addison Groove - Fuck Tha 101 [Dub]
?? - ?? [Dub]
Boddika - Grand Prix [NakedLunch]
?? - ??
Kryptic Minds - No More No Less [Black Box]
Kryptic Minds - Just After Sunset [Black Box]
Addison Groove - This Is It [Tectonic]

29 March 2011

Omar-S - Here's Your Trance Now Dance!

Really like this tune. Anyone know any similar Omar-S stuff that they would recommend?

26 March 2011

Randomer - Brunk

So sick. Hopefully this will see a release, too many Dubplates get lost!